Well-dressing 2010

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Theme was “Celebrations”

Judging Criteria

  1. Visual impact – overall impression from a distance.
  2. Originality – interpretation of theme “Celebrations”
  3. Artistic merit – quality of Dressing, both design, fabrication and choice of materials.
  4. Enhancement – of best qualities of site, including overcoming difficulties presented by existing structure.

* – Children’s entries

Well Name Well Dressers
Earl Beauchamp’s Spout Barbara Meddows & Margaret Rowland
Evendine Spring “The Evendiners”
Hayslad* Girl Guiding, Malvern Division
Holy Well “Three Generations”
Lord Sandys’ Spout* 2nd Malvern Scout Group
Clock Tower* Grove Primary School
Davenham* 1st Malvern Link Scout Group
Dingle Spring Phil Ironside
Healing Crown Well Malvern Natural Health Centre
Lyttelton Well* Brighter Futures Before and After School Club
Railway Station Trough* Malvern Parish C of E Primary School
Temperance Fountain Carl Burrows
West Malvern Tap West Malvern Garden and Nature Club
Westminster Bank Spring* Malvern St James School
Happy Valley Julie Burton, The Emerald Grove
Lower Wyche Trough The Carillon Team
Rose Gully* Malvern Youth Centre & South Worcester College
Wyche Spring Sheila Maund
Dingle Spring Phil Ironside


The Spa Association is grateful to the judges who gave up their time to decide on these awards.

Water Tasting results

A Malvhina
B Clock Tower
C Hay Slad
D Evendine
E Tap Water (Winner: Kans Betts)