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The Malvern Hills are blessed with an abundance of natural springs, and water has played an important role in the area for millennia. If you are interested in any aspects Malvern’s natural and cultural spring water heritage, you should find plenty to read here. Please click on the images below to explore the website.

Poster for Malvern Water and Well Dressing Festival 2024

The Malvern Water and

Well Dressing Festival

– May Day 2024

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About us

Malvern Spa Association was formed on 18th September 1998. Our aim is, with the community, to conserve, protect, restore and enhance Malvern’s spring water heritage. We work in partnership with national and local organisations, including the Malvern Hills AONB Partnership, Malvern Hills Trust, Malvern Hills District Council and Malvern Town Council. So far we have traced over a hundred springs, spouts, fountains, wells and other features in and around the Malvern Hills. Currently, only a few still supply pure spring water, free to the public.

Our purposes also include ‘increasing individual and collective knowledge of Malvern’s water, promoting the study, conservation, development and awareness of them to help preserve them for future generations’, and ‘preserving and maintaining the historic Malvern Hills’ water traditions, and celebrating the benefits of Malvern water by the annual Well Dressing Festival / other well dressing events’. Well-dressing is an ancient practice which stems from a natural desire to celebrate and express gratitude for the precious gift of fresh spring water. You will find more information about this and other natural and cultural aspects of Malvern water on this website.

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We are an entirely voluntary organisation and therefore always on the look out for new volunteers. Click the button below to find out how you could help MSA.

A note about the website

Some of the website content dates from the 2014 version. We have updated the main areas of the website, but the rest of the content is a bit ‘tired’, and may be out-of-date. We are gradually going through everything and updating it, but it takes time.

We would love more people to help us to make the website as interesting and interactive as possible and with up-to-date articles. So please, if you are interested in websites and have a few hours to spare on this exciting new venture (or if you would like to help the MSA in other ways, especially by becoming a member) please contact us.

The photography on the website

The banner on the website and a number of other photos are taken by Jan Sedlacek