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List of springs and wellsA full list of all the known springs and wells around the Malvern Hills. Most, but not all, have images. The information includes a location and grid reference to help you find them.
Spring detailsFor some springs and wells there is more information available than will fit on a list, so here are a set of pages for those locations. There are picture galleries and also some videos.
Collecting waterInformation about collecting Malvern water and where it is safe to do so.
HistoryThe history of Malvern water from the 17th century onwards.
GeologyExplains the rocks and formation of the Malvern Hills through geological time.
Water and MedicineHow water has been used in medicine through the ages.
BooksA list of books on Malvern water and related topics.
Other spa townsLinks to websites associated with other spa towns around the world.