• To promote the study, conservation, development and awareness of the springs, spouts, fountains and wells of the Malvern Hills and Malvern as a Spa town.
  • To create a public resource Centre that could easily be accessed by organisations, schools, universities, visitors or individuals wishing to undertake research on Malvern`s water sources, systems and history.

Since the 19th century many plans and records of Malvern`s springs, tanks, reservoirs and piped spring water systems have been thrown away or destroyed, but some numbers still remain, scattered mainly in private collections or surviving with old property deeds. A number of local residents have preserved old engravings, photographs, postcards, books, texts, objects and memorabilia relating to the early history and growth of Malvern as a Spa town in their private collections, which we hope could be copied, loaned or gifted to such a Centre.

The last surviving generation of residents who remember the importance of spring or well water to life here are now in their 80`s and 90`s but little record of their experiences exists. The MSA would like to record interviews with these most senior citizens about their early memories of our water heritage. We feel that if a Water Heritage Centre with suitable secure archiving facilities was created, this would be an invaluable resource preserving our unique water heritage for future generations.

The Malvern Spa Association aims to raise funding

  • To create an archive centre to properly preserve the remaining maps, plans and documents recording springs and water pipe systems, that would attract people to gift or loan their records, or allow the Centre to copy them for research purposes.
  • To create an archive library for researchers to properly preserve old and contemporary books, texts and documents relating to the history of Malvern water and the growth of Malvern as a Spa town.
  • To create a photographic archive in digital format that could be printed out on colour printers for researchers and visitors.
  • To record an aural history archive of the memories of elderly local residents relating to Malvern water sites and their ancestors, for researchers and visitors.
  • To create a secure site for visual exhibitions of objects and memorabilia relating to Malvern water and its history for researchers and visitors.
  • To create a Centre with information about forthcoming talks, events and exhibitions.
  • To create a Centre with contemporary maps and information about the springs for researchers and visitors.
  • To create a community resource within the Centre housing computers, a scanner and colour printer with broadband internet and email access, a colour photocopier (A3 & A4) and general equipment including a laminator, guillotine, book stapler and binder, plus audio visual recording and playback facilities.