Malvern Well Dressing 2021

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After last year’s cancellation we are really looking forward to Well Dressing in 2020

When and Where

What: Malvern Well Dressing

Where: Around Malvern

When: Saturday 1st May to Sunday 9th May

Why: For the love of it – why not?

Who: 49 Teams, 30 Adult, 13 Childrens and 6 not judged.

39 teams dressing for 9 days and 10 teams dressing for 5 days.

The Story behind this year’s celebrations

As May Day approaches so Malvern’s thoughts turn to Well Dressing. In these Covid-19 curtailed times we have still managed to create the Well Dressing Festival. This years Theme is “Planets and Stars”, voted best idea back in January. It was Phil Ironside’s inspiration, who says: “It’s a wide subject, open to many easy interpretations and we live in an incredible Universe.” So for Saturday 1st May we will have 49 wells dressed.

Come and see the Wells in their glory

Find them using a map from Malvern Tourist information or search for a map online. You have a week to enjoy them, while some wells come down on Wednesday 5th May, most on Sunday 9th.

What Covid-19 has culled are any associated events. So, where 7 or more may want to gather, it’s not happening. There is no May Day Priory Park Water Festival, no Minibus Tours, no public Water Blessings.

Don’t miss the Malvern Spa Association Summer Exhibition

25 breathtaking photos displayed On Church Walk

Go from Waitrose to the Priory Gateway and you will see our summer exhibition. There may be no events but there are 25 marvellous photos to enjoy.

So, let’s use any excuse to enjoy the Malverns and Well Dressing is a marvellous excuse, just do it as 2 families or up to 6 people. So come, find, enjoy the Wells, enjoy the outside, enjoy release from lock-down.

The Wells want to see you!

Find out more

If you would like more details, please look on our Facebook page.