This was a large ancient well off Edith Walk in Great Malvern town centre, and consisted of a dark rectangular pool of water, walled on two sides, perhaps containing an original spring source here or filled from the Happy Valley springs on the hills above. In the 11th century the well was used to water the terraced vineyards of the Benedictine Priory that were then on this site. In the 19th century this water also supplied some of the grand houses below that flank Graham Road, including a large private swimming pool to the north of the Public Library, long since built over. Known also as the Vine Well or Wine Well, by the latter part of the 20th century the well was below the town centre car park, on a piece of rough ground designated as a picnic area, but it was neglected and the ground soon became waterlogged and unusable.

In 1999 the well disappeared when it was built over to create the new Waitrose supermarket in Great Malvern. During this process several large underground water collection tanks were discovered, much to the surveyor’s annoyance, and this prolific spring supply had to be channeled to a new outlet below in Back Lane, now named ‘Rose Gulley Spout’, but the waters then proved to be very contaminated and undrinkable.

  • Location Along Back Lane on the wall at the side of Waitrose car park.
  • Grid Ref. SO77604620