Well-dressing 2007

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The Theme was “Elgar’s Music”

Judging Criteria

  1. Visual impact – overall impression from a distance.
  2. Originality – interpretation of theme “Elgar’s Music”
  3. Artistic merit – quality of Dressing, both design, fabrication and choice of materials.
  4. Enhancement – of best qualities of site, including overcoming difficulties presented by existing structure.
Class Prize Well Name Contestants

Chairmans Choice
Tinkler Cup St Ann’s Well Karyn Claxton and Juliet Mootz
Open Competition:
Winner Malvhina Cup Jubilee Fountain Angela Sutton, Lois Lawler & Val Greaves
Runner-up Crocus Cup West Malvern Tap West Malvern Gardening & Nature Club
Small Groups
Winner Enigma Cup Lower Wyche Spout Debbie & Jess Sly
Runner-up Spring Cup Evendine Spring Helen Burrage
Childrens Group
Winner Children’s Cup Hayslad Jake, Holly, Jessica, & Luke
Runner-up Children’s Cup Lower Wyche Trough Hannah Lillis, Eleanor Harrison, April & Rosemary Upson