At the crossroads in the centre of West Malvern, walk up to the top of Westminster Bank and where it meets the hill track way, this picturesque site can be found on the bank in front of you.

The spout emerges from the base of a tree trunk that has enveloped it, but still has a steady trickle of pure water that has never been known to dry up, flowing into an old stone trough. In one of the more natural hillside settings, this site is actually made up of three springs, two within the enclosure, fenced to keep out cattle and sheep and one outside that once supplied an animal trough and the Clergy House. In the mid 19th century each one was separately contained and piped to a number of junction chambers inside the enclosure, each of which designated a private supply line to a farm, a house or a business on the slopes below, including to the buildings, extensive water gardens and swimming pool of the former St James’ public school. Most of these supplies are nolonger maintained, but the sources are still prolific and flow mainly to waste down the bank into a gully and drains.

A little further south along the hillside during Christmas 2006, a substantial flow emerged several months after heavy rainfall, cutting a channel through a villager’s garden below. The MSA reported this and it was found to be a forgotten and now leaking spring collector pipe from the early 20th century, taking water from Westminster Bank Springs to supply a large spring collector main under West Malvern Road. The pure spring water in this Victorian main still flows along to Wyche Cutting, through the hills to the eastern side and on to help fill British Camp Reservoir.

As part of the Springs Restoration Project in 2007 the fenced enclosure, chamber covers and walls will all be carefully repaired and the supply to the spout identified, but work on the spout, trough and steps will be kept to a minimum to preserve the character of the site.

(RG 2007)

  • Location Beside the track at the top of Westminster Bank, off West Malvern Road opposite St James's School
  • Grid Ref. SO76474616