This elaborate ‘well’ is in private grounds at the entrance to ‘Davenham’, a large gothic-style house at the Link Common end of Graham Road, once the home of the benefactor Charles Dyson Perrins. On his death in 1958 the house was donated to the ‘Friends of the Elderly’ and became a residential home for the genteel poor.

Perrin’s Well is thought to be a purely ornamental bronze feature from the late 19th century, containing no water and consisting of an impressive octagonal surround, about 3ft high, with alternate male and female caryatids supporting each corner. Between them, every facet of the well contains an intricately modelled panel. Seated on a raised plinth, also of sculpted panels, the well-head is dominated by a magnificent lion holding the pulley and chain for an imaginary bucket in its mouth. Behind the plinth is a small shell shaped basin and drinking spout, but sadly all without a water supply.

  • Location In the grounds of Davenham, Graham road, Great Malvern
  • Grid Ref. SO77804686