On Wells Road below Hanley Terrace this privately owned source has a unique neo-Gothic, Victorian castellated facade comprising a door flanked by two windows in front of an underground, vaulted well-chamber. The wooden door is still there, still with its ornamental iron hinges and handle though its base is now below pavement level. Approximately four feet behind this door is a substantial brick wall with an opening on the right leading to a vaulted brick chamber about thirty feet long, nine feet wide and six feet high, with a well at the very back of the space that originally supplied 30,000 gallons of water daily. During the 2nd World War it’s thought it was used as an air raid shelter.

The facade itself is of Malvern stone (red binary granite) with blue brick and very weathered sandstone arched detailing. There are decorative inserts between both of these materials, which at first appear to be weathered bricks but are thought to also be red Malvern stone. The facade is snake pointed around every detail including around a peppering of small pieces of white quartz across the whole frontage, which must have originally glittered.

  • Location On Wells Road below Hanley Terrace
  • Grid Ref. SO77284321