Travelling from British Camp towards Wyche Cutting along Jubilee Drive, the site can be found on the left at the junction with Evendine Lane, just below the roadway. There are usually one or two cars parked at the top of the Lane while the owners collect the water.

This is a popular spring water collection point and many say the water here is very pleasant, having a distinctive sweet and fresh taste quite unlike other sites. It is piped under the road from a spring in a small wooded hollow on the hillside above but it does have a reduced flow during long periods of dry weather. The outlet spout is set in a curved retaining wall of Malvern stone and flows into a stone trough before running westwards downhill as a little stream.

The site is much loved by local people who decorate it annually for the MSA Well Dressing during Malvern May Day Festival.

  • Location At Brand Green, in the 'V' of the junction of Jubilee Drive and Evendine Lane.
  • Grid Ref. SO76644099