Today this spring can be found on the Worcestershire Beacon, at the top of Dingle Valley, West Malvern. As you walk up the centre of the valley from the bus stop and car park, you first pass the covers of several containment tanks installed by the Council in 1902 to divert the spring’s water into the public mains at a time of severe drought. As you emerge above the houses, nestling into the valley side on the right you will find a small dark circle of water in the grassy bank, which is the main spring source.

Originally the Dingle Spring was the sole water supply to all the houses in the valley and those in the southern third of the village that didn’t own a private well. The last premises that relied totally on its water was a wooden cottage in the valley demolished in about 2001. The outflow of water can still be seen coming from a pipe in the bank just below the West Malvern Road . Throughout the 19th century the centre of the village was supplied by Westminster Bank Springs and the northern section as far as Ebrington Road was supplied by Danzell Spring.

  • Location On the left of West Malvern Road heading south; by the car park.
  • Grid Ref. SO76494559