In 2005 this beautiful old well was uncovered in Great Malvern town centre by John Bibby, an MSA Committee Member. This private well beneath Lyttleton House in Abbey Road, may date back to medieval times as part of the Priory, and has been identified as the former stable well of the 16th century Crown Hotel (now Lloyds Bank). The remains of the original stable buildings near to the Abbey Gateway are presently occupied by First Paige the printers and their own deeds dated 1833 record their right to draw water from the well.

In 1997 this well was first reported to Rose Garrard by Mrs Hunt, once the proprietor of Tipping and Morris`s wine shop (now Aquarius) on Priory Steps. Mrs Hunt said there was a very damp cellar space below the shop with a large heavy flagstone which her husband, an ex-marine, managed to lift revealing a deep well full of water.


  • Location Going down the top steps into Priory Churchyard. It is located below the buildings that houses the shop "Aquarius" (on the right).
  • Grid Ref. SO 77554589