This spring appears on the Ordnance Survey map of West Malvern on the hill behind Broomhill House formerly a Hotel, but because the slopes here are peppered with cliffs and little quarries it had proved impossible to locate until 2005.

Walk up Westminster Bank and follow the main track left until you come to a gate and marker stone on your left saying Joyners Meadow, recently bought by the Malvern Hills Conservators. Enter the kissing gate and walk across to take the lower most northerly gate out onto a tiny path. Climb up a grassy hillock to the right as if to tumble over a chasm and instead you will discover a long, steep but grassy descent. Before going down more than a few yards, on the right is a small muddy depression filled with water, nestling below an ancient Hawthorn tree. It seemed the most surprising place to find a spring as logic suggests that it should have easily drained away.

  • Location Behind the Broomhill Hotel in West Malvern
  • Grid ref. SO7648 4657