2021 All Souls Dressing of the Clock Tower, North Malvern

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At this time of year, for All Souls, the MSA dresses a spring or well in remembrance of lost loved-ones.

The event has always been well-attended, with the public responding enthusiastically to the chance of dedicating a note to family and friends who have passed, and spending a few minutes in quiet contemplation.

For the past few years we have dressed Hayslad and Lower Wyche Spout, but this year we are returning to the North Malvern Clock Tower, which we last dressed in 2016.

The dressing will be simple yet poignant. Visitors may hang a plain white ribbon on a small tree on the lawn in front of the Clock Tower, and inside the tower, they can write, dedicate and tie a note for someone special.

We will be enjoying two Wellhead Celebrations at the Clock Tower:

  • The first, on Sunday 31st October at 3pm, is a silent but moving blessing from the Rainbow Guardians.
  • The second is on All Saints’ Day, Monday 1st November at 11am, when the Reverend Becky Elliott of Holy Trinity Church, North Malvern, will give a formal blessing.

You can find more details on Malvern Well-dressing’s Facebook page.

Rick Banbury, MSA well-dressing organiser

All Souls Celebration at Lower Wyche Spout Oct 2020 - showing the rainbow guardians' processing
Rainbow Guardians Wellhead Dance Lower Wyche Spout October 2020
Photograph courtesy of Jan Sedlacek @ Digitlight